Water Feature Installation – Top Tips For a Successful Installation

Many people think that water feature installation is beyond their ability, and it isn’t. Anyone can learn how to install water features in their yard. The truth is, there are a few basic things every water feature installer should know. Garden water features are some of the prettiest things you will see in your yard and garden, and you don’t have to be an experienced water feature installation professional to have one installed.


When most people picture garden water features, they think of something elaborate and expensive. This just isn’t the case. There are many inexpensive water features available that will still look amazing and provide you with hours of relaxation and enjoyment. To get started on your water feature installation, all you need is the proper tools and guidance from experienced garden water feature installation companies.


The first thing you need to do before anything else is to figure out your layout. You want to sit down with your yard architect or landscaper so that you can map out where you want your water feature to go. This will give you a better idea of what type and size garden water features you’ll need, as well as whether or not you’re going to have any natural light during the installation process. Garden water features need lots of natural light to work well, but some types of water feature installation require less natural light than others.

Next, you’ll need to find a location on your property where you’ll be able to install your garden water feature. It doesn’t’ necessarily have to be in your front yard; in fact, you can have a smaller, more private garden water feature installed in a back garden or by a small pond. Remember, larger garden water features require larger digging and may require a permit from your local government. If you’re installing a garden water feature that requires a permit, make sure you get a copy before you start work. You don’t want to waste time or get in trouble with your city.

Before doing any water feature installation, make sure the ground is prepared properly. If you’re doing a garden water feature in an area that has a lot of clay or very coarse soil, it may be necessary to use a water-based fertilizer to help the soil to improve. If you’re doing garden water feature installation in an area that’s not that clay or hard, consider using a water-based compost fertilizer.

water feature installation

Professional Installation

Also, if you decide to have your water feature professionally installed, you’ll need to be aware of what kind of insurance your water features manufacturer offers. Many garden water feature manufacturers include liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and it may be worth getting this kind of insurance for the water feature installation. (If you’re not sure what kind of insurance your manufacturer offers, ask the retailer.) You can usually buy this type of insurance at any garden store where you purchase seeds, planting supplies, or other plant supplies.

Finally, you should make sure that you and the person who will be installing your garden water features have the proper tools and equipment. You can usually find these items at your local garden store. However, you may also want to consider renting some tools and equipment if you’re going to do a lot of work yourself. (And again, if you decide to do your water feature installation yourself, you should check to see if your water feature manufacturer provides any insurance for damage or repairs to their equipment.)

The whole point of doing a water feature installation is to enjoy your new garden feature. And you can only enjoy it for as long as you take care of it. Make sure you protect your investment by thinking about how you’re going to maintain it. Also, you need to think about where you’re going to install your water feature after it’s up. (Is it in a sheltered area or exposed to extreme temperatures or elements?)