Starting Your Next Landscaping Project?

Landscaping services cover a wide variety of projects that involve changes to landscape features to improve their appearance and increase functionality around an outdoor space.  

It can also be used to describe any action that transforms an area of land. The projects include everything from building roads and sewers to installing lighting systems and irrigation systems. Many people use landscaping services to create more attractive outdoor areas for their home as well as make their yard or garden more useful. 

More About Landscaping 

Some landscaping projects are successful, while others go poorly. Landscaping can help reduce the risk of such a failure by improving the drainage system, securing the soil for good plant growth, ensuring that water retention is proper, repairing any damage to an area, and preparing the land for future plantings.  

Proper irrigation services, landscape maintenance, and soil testing can also prevent many of these problems from arising in the first place. 

General landscaping services can also include yard care duties. Yard care services include everything from mowing, trimming, weeding, and fertilizing lawns and gardens to mulching, seeding, and other landscape design components. You can learn more at about what’s generally included when dealing with a professional landscaper and what services would be suitable for your outdoor space. 

Lawns & Gardens 

Having well-maintained lawns and gardens allows homeowners to entertain themselves in the comfort of their own spaces, rather than having to use the outdoor public spaces of their local park or recreation yard.  

Additionally, well-maintained lawns and gardens allow for better air quality, reduced energy costs, and a healthier, safer neighborhood. Most landscaping services include the maintenance and care of lawns. 

There are also many other services offered by landscapers, with plants being a major part of any job in addition to the lawn.  

To grow and maintain a healthy garden, it is important to hire a landscaper to prepare the soil and maintain the garden throughout all seasons. Certain landscaping services are required for certain types of gardens and watering needs are different for plants than they are for trees, so it’s important to choose the right landscaping team. 


Irrigation systems, which include septic tank testing, proper pumping, and maintenance, are another service a landscaping company can provide. When properly installed and serviced, irrigation systems are designed to water green areas in sync with plant life.  

Companies usually also offer maintenance services for landscape irrigation systems. Irrigation system maintenance involves performing checks and adjustments to the equipment and circuitry within an irrigation system.  

It is also common for them to inspect and service underground pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves. These inspections and maintenance services ensure that an irrigation system is properly running and can be used for years to come. 

Maintenance Services 

Maintenance may also include testing underground water lines, inspecting foundation drainage, checking sump pump functionality, and inspecting storm drain. All of these inspections protect the integrity and longevity of a sprinkler system and its components and ensure your irrigation system is intact. 

Other common maintenance is for retaining walls and fences. Retaining walls are necessary for both beautification and functionality purposes. By providing protective barriers from the elements, retaining walls help to protect areas from inclement weather and can add interest with a particular design too.  


Lighting is also another important aspect of a well-manicured yard. Landscapers can design lighting systems that accentuate gardens and walkways, while deterring negative effects such as glare from uncovered walkways and porch areas. 

Tips For Hiring a Landscaper 

Some landscape companies offer free estimates for projects; however, costs could vary depending on the type of project, the condition of the yard or area that needs work and the preferences of the homeowner.  

Most are very willing to provide a free estimate, but it’s worth double checking before you get them out. This is a great way for homeowners to get a better idea about their yard’s curb appeal, without spending money that is not necessary. 

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